Ron Van Dam has been performing his bizarre brand of talk for over 25 years on broadcast radio and has recently crossed over into the podcast world with over 1000 episodes. His dry delivery, sarcastic wit, grumpy approach to life frustrations, observational monologues, and entertaining interviews make his program unlike any other.  His audience encompasses all ages but tends to be more enjoyed by listeners who have some semblance of brains.

Ron began his career in New York City as a television writer. After spending time with celebrities like Johnny Carson, he chose a path that led him to the Boston area. During that time, he hosted a Boston area television variety/talk/comedy program that lasted 20 years with over 850 episodes, while simultaneously hosting his own broadcast radio program. He also owns TELEVISUALS (a media consultation company) and also currently owns two podcast networks including one which runs the Ron Van Dam podcast

He continues to wear pants in public, which he has always done.

Ron Van Dam
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Ron Van Dam Podcast